SSTC – Introducing the Director of Operations Wayne Ho

Through it’s education we provide, it is very much service that we do for our learners and trainers.
Our Director of Operations at SSTC, Wayne Ho, isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty doing the work he loves.
You can find him brewing fresh kopi from the cafe corner next to our premises, for students to fight the post-lunch food coma and get that extra boost of energy for their exams.
“It’s all about the experience. I take care of the learners’ well-being, the ease of finding information, onboarding,” he said. His goal? He wanted to create little ‘wow moments’ for the learners that leave an impression on them, whether it’s the environment of the space, perks like coffee, or the friendliness of the staff.
Perhaps it stems from Wayne’s background in hospitality, or maybe it’s just from his warm and amiable personality. Either way, we have Wayne to thank for championing our team’s efforts to keep improving the experience here at SSTC.