SSTC Institute has Partner Representatives who are Authorised Agents, stationed throughout the region to assist us at the local markets, in-country, to help counsel and to recruit students.

All SSTC Institute agents listed here have been appointed by us and their appointments are renewed annually after a review. SSTC provides comprehensive training to all new agents, and provides refresher training to existing agents in order to maintain a high level of professionalism, knowledge and integrity.

They perform a function that is critical to SSTC Institute’s continued growth and success. Those who are interested to promote SSTC Institute’s programmes MUST apply and be registered as an Authorised Agent so that the relevant training can be provided to comply with CPE’s Advertising Code and other relevant guidelines. You may download the Agent Application Form from our Download Centre. To obtain more details, please contact

NOTICE TO EXISTING AGENTS: All Authorised Agents who want to advertise and promote SSTC Institute’s programmmes MUST submit the advertising and promotion materials to SSTC Institute for vetting and approval. Anyone found to misrepresent SSTC Institute and its programmes will be referred to the relevant authorities for further action.