O & A Levels Annual Pulau Ubin ‘Back-to-Nature’ Field Trip 2016

On Thursday, 28 May 2015, SSTC’s O & A Levels students kicked off their school holidays with the Annual SSTC Pulau Ubin ‘Back-to-Nature’ field trip.

Pulau Ubin’s unique charms were passionately highlighted in our field trip this year. In conjunction with Singapore Heritage Fest 2016, our students had the opportunity to experience its culture, kampong life, nature, wildlife and its flora and fauna.

In-line with SSTC’s continuing efforts on environmental sustainability, the annual Pulau Ubin Field trip allows for students to forge camaraderie amongst their peers and teachers to appreciate one of Singapore’s last remaining naturalistic surroundings and to inculcate a deeper respect for the environment and natural surroundings. It was a fun-filled day of cycling, discovering and bonding.