SSTC Wins Award!

NTUC recently co-organized a contest with Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP) with the goal of identifying different ways companies can help their employees strike a balance between work and family responsibilities. The contest would showcase winners and their best practices, allowing others to learn through these examples. Thus, “Best Companies for Mums” contest was created. Employers were invited to have their employees nominate them as “Best Companies for Mums“.

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ANGELINE CHANG, Director of Student Services/Registrar, took the initiative and nominated SSTC School for Further Education. Below is why Angie feels that SSTC is one of the BEST companies for Mums-

“Throughout and after both my pregnancies, SSTC and my directors were very supportive when it comes to taking leave for medical checkups and pre-natal course. My direct supervisor, Mr Andrew Kang re-structured my work to allow a balance in taking care of my kids and work responsibilities. Our CEO, Ms Rose Yeo has an open door policy and anyone in the company is free to discuss any matter with her. She was very supportive about bringing my newborn to the office and made sure that a work station was set up for me in the staff lounge area so that we were comfortable and would not be disturbed. She understands the demands of the family and taught us the importance of both work and family. Ms Rose is an inspiration and role model to all of us in the company and we look up to her as a successful CEO and Mother. My colleagues kept my spirits up and gave me useful advice. Interacting with positive & familiar faces helped drive the maternity blues away. With the help and encouragment of my employers and colleagues, embracing and settling into motherhood was a smooth ride.

SSTC culture is based on Family. Other mothers here have also benefitted when it comes to taking time off to bring their children to the doctor as well as working from home when their children are sick. There are also occasions, which mothers would bring their children to work when their nannies are unavailable. Fathers are not left out as well and were offered extended paternity leave when required. As SSTC has a family-oriented culture, our family members are always welcome to join in staff events such as birthday celebrations, annual family day and festive occasions.

I feel very fortunate and thankful to be working in SSTC. My employer understands the needs & demands of FAMILY. Being a full-time working mother is one of the most difficult jobs on earth! With the support from my employers, I definitely feel empowered, as I am able to juggle work & family and embrace a balanced lifestyle.”

Out of over 100 entries submitted, 12 were chosen and SSTC was honoured to be among the top 12! On 10 July 2013, Angeline Chang & CEO Ms Rose Yeo, were presented with a plaque at an awards ceremony held at the Sheraton Towers Singapore, declaring SSTC as one of the ‘Best Companies for Mums!”.

Heartfelt congratulations to Angeline and Ms Rose! SSTC is proud of this acheivement as we continue to promote greater work-life harmony within our SSTC FAMILY CULTURE.

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