SSTC’s “Let’s Go GREEN” Campaign

SSTC School for Further Education launched our ‘SSTC Let’s GO GREEN‘ initiative on Friday, 22 March 2013.

Staff and Students were treated to an educational presentation in the SSTC Park Mall Auditorium on ways to do our part in saving the environment and all her natural resources and inhabitants.

The aim for this campaign is to help educate students, teachers and parents to be more environmentally friendly and to create a sense of community to connect teachers, parents and staff to the students and each other. Students are not the only ones who learn better ways to live in their environment; parents, teachers and staff benefit as well. As our students begin to learn and absorb the importance of sustainability, as well as the steps they can take by their actions to reduce environmental impact, they bring these lessons home and in their daily activities.

What begins at SSTC School can soon spread through the community as we learn from each other how to reduce, reuse and recycle and to incorporate Green Living into education and lifestyle.

As a citizen of the globe, we have a responsibility to start making little changes in our lives to protect the environment. We hope that through this campaign, we can be SINCERE in our efforts to protect the environment, to be PROFESSIONAL in our actions while acting on INTEGRITY, to show RESPECT to our valuable earth resources, to think about INNOVATIVEways on how we can do our part and to have TRUST within ourselves that the benefits we reap will be priceless and worthwhile.