Awarded by Pearson Education Limited

The purpose of Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business is to develop students as independent-thinking professionals who can meet the demands of business employers and adapt to a constantly changing world. The qualification aims to widen access to higher education and improve the career prospects of those who hold this qualification.

The aims of the Pearson BTEC Level 5 Higher National Diploma in Business are:

  • to give students the opportunity to specialise in a business-related occupational area and to progress to degree-level study.
  • to prepare students to move on to specific areas of business at Level 6 or to enter employment with the qualities and abilities necessary for roles that require personal responsibility and decision-making.
  • to enable students to develop and apply their own ideas to their studies, to deal with uncertainty and complexity, to explore solutions, demonstrate critical evaluation and use both theory and practice in a wide range of business situations.
  • to equip students to have a sound understanding of the principles in their area of specialist study and will know how to apply those principles more widely in the business world.

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