Elevating Mentees,
empowering Mentors

Mentoring is an integral part of employee culture and can be applied to all industries and sectors, with the benefits percolating through all levels of an organisation. Companies that have been running mentorship programmes report increases in productivity, higher employee satisfaction and lower employee attrition.

SSTC’s Mentoring Industry Partners

SSTC School of Professional Development

SSTC School of Professional Development provides Skills Training and Adult Education Training for both personal and corporate. We continue to evolve and continuosly work with industry partners to offer programmes that are both relevant and also future ready.

“Bite-sized” courses which are impactful, powerful and meaningful will enable individuals to be more valuable as their lives are enriched. Enabling them to be a contributor at their workplace, homes, groups and society.

We can customise courses to suit your individual or corporate needs.

The SSTC School of Professional Development together with consultancy partners will give you extra mileage in this modern-age race to be relevant and knowledgeable.

The Mentoring Framework 8 (TMF8)

About the TMF8

The TMF8 is a proprietary framework developed by SSTC in partnership with HRFC that draws on the expertise of hundreds of professionals in the field to create 8 unique courses to meet the skills and competencies required to be a mentor.

Why mentoring ?

Your employees are your competitive advantage. They are the talents that keep your company moving. Effective mentoring has shown strong benefits for employers including improved employee engagement and retention, increased productivity, ability to uncover hidden talents within the workforce, identify potentials for promotion, and focus development on the next generation of managers and leaders.

Mentoring skills can enhance leadership skills, and empathy with the workforce both of which can drive productivity and employee satisfaction.

Who is this for ?

Well, its for anyone who wants to help people get the most out of their jobs or help them perform at a higher level. You might be a first time manager and want to develop your skills with specific mentorship capabilities, or you may be an experienced manager or leader and want to use your vast experience to support employee growth.

Mentoring in organisations. Find your directions.

Benefits of Mentoring

Drive employee engagement

Mentoring provides support and assistance which drives up employees engagement with their work.

Improve employee retention

Employees feel greater bonds to the company will be encouraged to stay longer.

Develop next generation of leaders

Mentees build their skills and knowledge faster, which can lead to their being promoted faster.

Team building

Mentorship build bonds and trust and teams benefit when mentor programmes are deployed at scale.

Idea generation and collaboration

Mentoring is a platform for sharing of knowledge and expertise, and encourages cross departmental collaboration .

Increase performance

Highly engaged employees are more productive which in turn increases company revenue.

The 8 Modules of Mentoring and their brief descriptions


  • Establish Coaching & Mentoring philosophy and strategies
  • Provide Coaching & Mentoring programmes to develop talent


  • Provide guidance for holistic development
  • Review organisation mentoring frameworks and guidelines against outcome measures


  • Establish Coaching & Mentoring philosophy and strategies
  • Provide Coaching & Mentoring programmes to develop talent


  • Plan and manage all aspects of a project, including allocation of people resources, budget and time management, stakeholder engagement and problem resolution
  • Manage medium-scale projects / Mentoring programmes by implementing appropriate methodologies and tools


  • Build a culture of strong leadership and drive initiatives to facilitate the development of leadership capabilities in the organisation
  • Develop programmes and initiatives to build the organisation’s leadership culture and identity
  • Establish organisation- wide performance management strategies to facilitate performance management, including identification of key performance indicators and employee performance assessment
  • Develop performance management programmes
  • Drive talent management strategies and programmes to identify, develop, review and retain talent to meet the current and future organisational needs
  • Develop talent management programmes to support organisation- wide strategies
  • Establish change management strategies and policies to plan and facilitate the transition of employees, resources, business processes and operations to a desired end state in a manner that is seamless, sustainable and aligned with business objectives
  • Implement change management procedures to support the delivery of key performance benchmarks

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WSQ Funded and Certified Programmes Funding Support

Funding Support for Individuals
Course Fee Funding are available to self-sponsored individuals. Refer to the table below for the course fee funding for self-sponsored individuals.

Table 1: Course Fee Funding for SSG-approved courses for Self-sponsored Individuals (as of 12 Sep 2022)

Certifiable courses
Funding Support
SCs and PRs (Self-sponsored individuals must be at least 21 years old)
Up to 50% of course fees
SCs aged ≥ 40 years old (SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy)
Up to 70% of course fees

Funding Support for Employers
Course Fee and Absentee Payroll Funding are available for employers who sponsor employees for training.

Table 2: Course Fee Funding for SSG-approved courses for Employers (as of 12 Sep 2022)

Certifiable courses
Funding Support
SCs and PRs
Up to 50% of course fees
SCs aged ≥ 40 years old
(SkillsFuture Mid-career Enhanced Subsidy)
Up to 70% of course fees
(Enhanced Training Support for SMEs)

For more information on SkillsFuture Singapore funding, visit : https://www.skillsfuture.gov.sg/

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