Certificate in General English

The English Language is the most important language in international education, business, communication, and many other fields in today's rapidly globalising world. Whether your ultimate goal is to study overseas, to get a good job, or just to enhance your communication skills, improving your English proficiency through our Certificate in General English will empower you to succeed!

This programme is designed to improve the core skill areas of English Language Proficiency. There are 3 modules, in which equal emphasis is placed in every module, on the 5 key skills of:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Use (Grammar)


Each module focuses on thorough knowledge of grammar and vocabulary building. Even though the course content at each level may be demanding, the teachers are supportive and encouraging of the learning needs and capabilities of each individual student. Learning also becomes an enjoyable experience without the pressure of formal examinations. The programme also benefits students preparing for the IELTS test, which is the commonly accepted measure of English language proficiency by universities worldwide.

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