Awarded by SSTC Institute

The Diploma in Ethical Banking and Finance is designed to deliver theoretical and practical understanding of ethical Banking and Finance that is useful to the development of human capital in financial and related industries that inculcate moral values (Religion and Society) for a sustainable financial system.

The programme consists of various knowledge areas in financial and banking disciplines such as: Accounting, Economics, Ethics in Finance, Ethical Banking, Fintech, Entrepreneurship and a capstone module called Action Based Learning that pull students’ knowledge on various areas learned throughout the programme in solving real-life problems.

At the end of the programme, graduates should be able to demonstrate the relevant skills and a broad-based knowledge to responsibly take on appropriate jobs with moderate autonomy in Banking and Finance. They should be able to apply their skills to solve problems and to make decision making in particular areas.

This programme is suitable for those who are interested in working in the Banking and Finance sectors and, the government or private organisations.

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