Corporate Programmes

SSTC has always played a leading role in the professional development of the working professionals to meet the changing needs of the business environment. A wide range of corporate education and training courses can be specially tailored for the needs of every business organisation. Duration of customised programmes range from 1-3 days, to include visitations to places of interest, companies and government agencies (subject to availability).

Our Training Methodology

  • It is more than a just Workshop.
  • Practical, lively and interactive group facilitation
  • Enables the individual to learn through individual self-discovery, self/peer/group assessments, skills building exercises, group discussions/presentations and role-play exercises drawn from real-life cases/scenarios.

4R Analysis Approach: “Review, Reflect, Re-discover, Re-learn”

This approach helps learners to

  • Review and reflect on their past and current competencies/practices, knowledge and skills from workplace experiences.
  • Identify, diagnose and rediscover their personal gaps in knowledge and skills for development.
  • Relearn the new competencies and plan action steps for performance enhancement.

Our Trainers/Facilitators

  • Qualified trainers and facilitators with extensive years of management, consulting and practical experiences gained from the corporate world,
  • Most are NIE (National Institute of Education) qualified.

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