Islamic Sustainability And Green Finance

Islamic Sustainability And Green Finance

The sustainability of the environment and the ecosystem requires sustainable finance. The present risk-shifting financing of the economy is incapable of providing stable, sustainable financing for transition to low-carbon, sustainable environment.

The credit-debt-leverage regime of financing energy-intensive production and consumption has dominated the financing of economic growth in much of the 20th century. This mode of financing will not provide the stability and sustainability much needed to halt the accelerating process of ecological degradation, its reversal and transition to low-carbon economy. Is there a better, more efficient financing regime more attuned to the cooperative, empathic nature of human beings?

This course will be pivotal in helping participants grasp the adoption of climate finance to encourage environmentally friendly business practices through Islamic-based principled financing that is beneficial, beyond financial returns. It provides a wide-ranging, comprehensive look at ways and means of reversing the current environmental degradation and the related issues of sustainable finance needed for this purpose.


The course can cater to various distinct groups within any organisation with customisation:

Board of Directors and Executive Committees: Key decision-makers at the highest level, including board members and Shariah committees.

Directors and Strategic Officers: Members of the organization responsible for strategic decision-making, and those who serve as Points of Contact for ESG/Sustainability Initiatives.

All Staff: Ensuring comprehensive coverage across all levels of your organisation.

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